Dr. Daniel Pompa, D.PSc.


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Dr. Daniel Pompa has a proven treatment philosophy that not only works in his practice, but it also works for many other practitioners all over the world. When Dr. Daniel Pompa isn't treating patients or giving consultations, he is on the road speaking at major health seminars and teaching courses through his own "Pompa Seminars".

Dr. Daniel Pompa's Neurotoxic Puzzle is the foundation for treating his patients. Each piece of the puzzle has to be addressed to fully improve the health of his patients and cure conditions/diseases.

Puzzle Piece #1 - The Cellular Healing Diet

This diet was created by Dr. Daniel Pompa when he was treating his own battle with chronic fatigue. The diet is designed around reducing inflammation in the body, regulating hormones, and regenerating the bodies cells.

Puzzle Piece #2 - Deficiencies

No one ever thinks they are deficient until we do testing. Many of Dr. Daniel Pompa's patients can improve their health dramatically when we find out what they are missing in their body for optimal health. Dr. Daniel Pompa looks at Vitamins, Minerals, GSH Hormones, and Antioxidants.

Puzzle Piece #3 - Toxins

Toxicity is on the rise in our society and is the main cause of many chronic conditions and diseases. Your body can battle toxins that enter your body but if you are over exposed to toxins and can't "empty your bucket" fast enough, the toxins build up and flood over the bucket causing illness. Dr. Daniel Pompa teaches his patients about the everyday toxins they can reduce as well as tests for the major ones: Heavy Metals and Biotoxins.

Dr. Daniel Pompa knows how important the spinal structure is to a persons health. If your spine is out of alignment this can cause many conditions that can shorten a persons life. As a patient of Dr. Daniel Pompa you will be evaluated for any Physical Trauma, Spinal Misalignments, and Emotional Trauma.

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